Friday, December 31, 2010


Graduated from Craft Departement, Visual Arts Faculty in Art Institute Indonesia (ISI) in Yogyakarta. Following the master degree on Religious and Cultural Studies from Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. Aside of teaching in his almamater in ISI Yogyakarta, also curator and cultural researcher. 

Writer and artist in residence at Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and in the Fussion Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, as part of the Asialink Australia residencial program, 2003. A delegate for Indonesia in an international “People to People Exchange Program” held by ASEAN in Yogyakarta, 2003. Participated in the 4th "Biennials in Dialogue" – Conference, Series of events in Shanghai Biennale "Translocalmotion", 2008, organized by IFA and "Biennales in Dialogue", an Forum associated to the event Sydney Biennale “Revolutions-Forms that turn”2008. Visiting Curator at Getrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia, 2011. Curator in residence at Art Initiative Network (AIT), Tokyo, Japan, 2012.

Involved  in international creative project such as "Fussion Strenght", a collaboration of Singaporean and Indonesian artists in Benda Art Space, 2003,", a collaboration of Singaporean and Indonesian artists in Benda Art Space, 2003, "24 Hour Grey Zone", a collaboration of Indonesian and Swedish artists in Artuary, 2005, "Room Stories", a visual ethnographic project in Artuary,2005.  “South Project”, fifth International south-south Gathering organised by the South Project, 2009.

As a guest curator for "Trajectory", a contemporary ceramic exhibition invovling Indonesian and Australian artists in MAGNT (Museum and Gallery of Northern Territory), Darwin, Australia, 2008. The curatorial works extend from collective exhibitions: "Reply" the Yogyakarta Arts Festival in 2002, "Objecthood" in Taman Budaya, 2003, "Bung Ayo Bung", exhibitions to celebrate the centennial of Affandi, held simultaneously in Museum Affandi, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, and Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, 2007, and "Neo-nation" Biennale Jogja IX, 2007, “Immemorial, Reaching Back Beyond Memory”, a family history project, a collaboration project between Jogja-Darwin Artists, 2009, organized by 24 Hours Art Space and ICAN, Indonesian Contemporary Art Network.  Some of the co and curatorial works he did for solo exhibitions include: Agus Suwage's solo exhibition "Oh…Nguik" in the National Gallery (2003), Franzsika Feneert's solo exhibition "Everything is Rites" at the Affandi Museum (2008).

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